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Mohammad Hifzan Biography – Full Information

Mohammad Hifzan is an Indian musician, actor, patron and You tuber. Mohammad Hifzan out on Indian television before turning into a notorious musician. He later also hooked up a profession in Bollywood and his achievement led numerous Indian actors to assignment into Hindi pictures. 


 He acquired the dependable artist channel on YouTube on March nine April 2021 and also proved on Spotify as an artist. His dependable Facebook addict web runner named “ Mohammad Hifzan”. He began his tune profession in 2019 together with his particular small plant with a Hobbie. He has made a whole lot of Competition in necessary tunes. But In 2021 he launched his first tracks named “ lesser also days” and so on. It’s time to oil on his particular YouTube channel and global tune platform like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, iTunes, Soundcloud,etc.” Last of all he is proud to be an Indian proven musician. 

He believes that”If You Work Hard, You Will Be Success” & He also stated that”Every inch of stir is more advanced than country miles of Intentions”. Mohammad Hifzan also believes that in the future he could be a notorious Artist Encyclopedically. He has been in love with tunes since he was a child. He presently has many brief pictures starring him and to be had on YouTube. 


 It’s come now no longer so smooth to get in character withinside the tune enterprise still also he have triumph over all thronyways.He have shared in North-East Idol which he were given rejected withinside the age of 16. When he felt he was set to head back, his home city Fatehpur in 2019. He’d stayed to himself that he would n’t war still that did happen.However, I ’m withinside the incorrect career presumably, “ If I need to war with what I love.”. He was given his damage one time. Later, while he turns into character as an unprejudiced songster, he realised he demanded more delicate oils on his tune. He went places, took classes, recorded, tutored himself.

Basic info about mohammad hifzan

  • Full Name – Mohammad Hifzan

  • Caste – Shaikh

  • Religion – Muslim

  • DOB – 6 july 1998

  • Hobbies – Singing , Vlogging , Bike riding

  • Status – Single

  • Address – Afoi , Khaga , Fatehpur

  • Current Address – Fatehpur

  • Height – 5.5 ft

  • Sex – Male

  • Country – India

Social Media Links – Mohammad Hizan FB , Mohammad Hifzan Instagram , Mohammad Hifzan Twitter , Mohammad Hizan Spotify Link

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