Lo siento in english – Full information

Lo siento in english – Full information

Hello Dark Readers, welcome to this new article today, in this article I will tell you lo siento in english because many people do not know the English meaning of lo siento, because of this they are very upset and on the internet Let’s try to know this, if you also do not have any information about this, then read this article completely, complete information related to it has been given inside it. If you do not know, then let me tell you that lo siento is a Spanish word, because of this not everyone knows its meaning, although English is a language that is used almost all over the world, so it is also seen as an international language. The Spanish language is not spoken all over the world but many people like to speak Spanish very much but due to lack of knowledge of Spanish language, they do not know the English meaning of even these small words if you also speak Spanish language.

If you want, then for this you must first know the English meaning of these small words, only then you can speak the Spanish language, otherwise if you do not know the basics, then you cannot speak the Spanish language directly.

Lo siento means ‘i am sorry’ when we have to apologise to someone we say lo siento to apologise in spanish it means to apologise.

Use of lo siento

It is also very important for you to know when and how lo siento is used, so I am telling you some sentences related to it below, so that you will know how lo siento is used.

  • I’m sorry I came very late because there was a traffic jam.
  • Siento haber llegado muy tarde porque había un embotellamiento.
  • I am very busy with my work so I am sorry for taking so long to reply.
  • Estoy muy ocupado con mi trabajo, así que lo siento por tardar tanto en responder.
  • Sorry for not being able to attend your birthday party due to some reason.
  • Lo siento por no poder asistir a tu fiesta de cumpleaños por algún motivo.
  • I’m sorry I made a big mistake, I didn’t mean to hurt you at all.
  • Lo siento, cometí un gran error, no quise lastimarte en absoluto.
  • I’m sorry for hurting you.
  • Lo siento por lastimarte.

Final words

Through this article, I have told you about lo siento in english. I hope that you have got complete information about it. If you still have any questions related to it, feel free to comment below. I can ask if you like the post then share it with your friends further.

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