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I want to die | I want to kill myself

Hello friends, I hope you all will be fine, in today’s post we are going to talk about a topic that people are searching very fast on the internet nowadays, many people are asking google i want to die or i want to kill myself There can be many reasons for searching this question on the internet and you will get the answers of these questions today in this post, first of all I will tell you a story which is based on this question, many people in the world today. Everyone’s life is not so easy, many people lose courage but many people don’t lose courage and they face all those problems and fight for themselves, they don’t give their lives. In this article, I will tell you some such things, after knowing that the thought of dying will end from your mind and you will start loving your life and the desire to live will wake up in you.

First of all, take out the thought of dying from your mind because only those people who can not face the pain do this and they are completely cowards, they do not have the courage to face the pain, they break completely. And about this I will keep the whole thing in front of you in more detail and try to convince you that you are going to take such a wrong step, to understand the matter completely, read the post till the end.

I want to die | I want to kill myself

Once upon a time there was a 22 year old young boy and he used to be happy in his life, he did not care for others, he used to be engrossed in himself then he falls in love with a girl and he falls in love with that girl. Comes in, gets away from his friends also starts running away from his family members, he spends all the time with her and loves her like crazy and trusts her completely Once he is going to meet the girl at her house because the girl’s parents had gone out somewhere, because of this the girl had called him to their house in the evening so that she could spend a lot of time with each other while staying at home. able and talk a lot but the boy reaches that girl’s house in the afternoon before evening and reaches the girl’s room without knocking on the door because he wanted to surprise her but only then he sees that his girlfriend Sitting with a boy with a hand on her shoulder and talking to him with a lot of laughter, then his girlfriend also gets shocked seeing her boyfriend and then starts explaining to him and tells him this is my friend. Don’t misunderstand but the boy clearly comes to know that his girlfriend is cheating on him, this is not a friend he is a second boyfriend.

Now that boy becomes very sad because his heart is completely broken. He loved that girl with true heart and had full trust in her, yet that girl cheated on him and broke his trust now he has to do something. I was not able to understand what I should do, now that boy comes out of that girl’s house and goes towards a forest, sits under a tree and starts crying, there is no one to silence him. When it happens, different types of questions start coming in his mind, he feels that I have lost my family and my friends for that girl, now he feels that he should die, he does not want to be alive anymore.

Then there a man sees him, then comes to him and asks him why are you crying son, what has happened to you, then that boy tells the whole story to that man, after listening to the whole thing, that man explains to him that your age is now It is too long, do not think of committing suicide, move forward in life, you will achieve a lot by going ahead, then that boy obeys that man and goes back to his home and starts a new life again and starts his studies. Pays attention to writing, then the time of his exam comes, that boy is doing graduation, the final year exam is about to happen, he works hard for his studies and prepares for the exam, then when the exam is held, then He goes to give the exam, now the result is yet to come, then one day the result of that boy also comes and when he sees his result he fails.

Now again becomes sad and completely broken, now he does not understand anything again and this time he is determined that he will commit suicide then that boy goes to one of the high bridges to give his life and Thinks of jumping down from there, an old man sees him and quickly comes to the boy and catches him, does not let the boy jump down, then he asks the boy everything. Tells the man his story from beginning to end and said i want to die or i want to kill myself then that old man explains to him and says son, if you have been cheated in love, then it is not your fault, it is the fault of the girl who has cheated you, then you Why are you punishing yourself for the girl’s mistake and if you fail in the exam, then this result cannot decide your future, what is the value of this paper’s degree, which will decide your future, your life is more than this degree. Life is priceless.

The old man tells him that you have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one tongue, two eyes.You can travel with your feet to reach the highest destination, you can use both your hands to do any big task, you can understand the difference between good and bad by seeing with your eyes, you can hear the noise of your success with both your ears and by speaking with your tongue, you can win the heart of the other person, with your eyes. you can see your success then why are you going to die then why do you want to die when you have everything then how can you think of committing suicide whatever has happened to you till now. Forget everything and don’t give up, this is your test, don’t get upset so soon, face these problems boldly and tell these problems that you are not afraid of them, these problems cannot harm you, you can do a lot then does that boy understand everything very well and he feels that he should not give up his life, he should move forward in his life, after that the boy again returns to his house and then He makes a fresh start in his life and swears that no matter how many times he cheats in life, he will not commit suicide.

Just because I have told you this story, so that you are motivated and you also end the intention of suicide like that boy, Allah has given you the understanding to understand good and bad, has given you the understanding to recognize right and wrong. Life is very precious when that guy can start his life afresh why can’t you, you should think about yourself why do i want to kill myself life doesn’t come again and again. I would advise you that you should not commit suicide, it is not right to do this at all, It’s only your loss.

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Final words

In today’s new article I have told you why do I want to kill myself, I want to kill myself or I want to die. I hope your thoughts of committing suicide are over and you will have no more questions in your mind. But even then if you want to ask something, then you can ask in the comment below and share this post as much as possible with your friends so that they can also be saved from committing suicide.

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