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How to become a hacker in 15 minutes – Complete information

Hello friends, in today’s new post, we will know how to become a hacker in 15 minutes because nowadays technology has become very advanced, in this world more than one hacker has also been born whose IQ level is so high that you Can’t imagine that a hacker can hack anyone’s data very intelligently, however just like there are both good and bad people in this world, in the same way hackers are also good and bad nowadays it is very important for everyone to have so much information so that they can protect themselves from bad hackers and keep their data safe because many hackers are keeping an eye on people’s data and hacking the entire data as soon as they get a chance take.

So today I will tell you how you can become a hacker and keep your data safe. If you have information related to hacking, then no one is bad and will not be able to hack your data. Before becoming a hacker, you need some information about hacking. It is very important to have some basic things, only then you can become a good hacker.

How to become a hacker in 15 minutes

First of all you should know how many types of hackers are there and how many types of hacking are there only then you will be able to become a good hacker I would like to tell for your information. There are three types of hackers black hat hackers, white hat hackers and brown hat hackers. Now let me tell you what is the work of these three, how do these three work, a black hat hacker is one who does bad things, that is without anyone’s permission, by entering his system inside his data steals and white hat hackers are those who protect you from bad hackers help you keep your data safe white hat hackers also work for the government or also work for the security of a big company.

Brown hat hackers are those who are neither good nor bad, they are the masters of their mind, whatever comes in their mind, they do the same thing, if they have their mind, they hack anyone’s data. If they have pity on someone, then they also return their data, hence they are called brown hat hackers.

Friends, before how to become a hacker in 15 minutes it is very important for you to know how many types of hacking are hackers, how hackers hack people’s data and what methods they use, then let me tell you that phishing is such a method. This is what hackers use the most and this is also considered to be the most famous method Most hackers do the work of laying a trap to hack someone’s data, that is, hacking their victim’s data with the phishing method in which the hacker sends a fake link to his target victim which looks exactly like the original. Victim also comes under the guise and enters his password in it and logs in, just as soon as he logs in, all his information reaches the hacker and the hacker hacks all his data.


The second method is dictionary attack, in which the hacker has a very big list of passwords, which contain all the digits from 0 to 9 and all the alphabets from A to Z, together with that a very long list of passwords hackers prepares, then after that keeps trying by entering one password after another and whatever password matches the victim’s account gets hacked, so I told you two methods, both these methods are most used for hacking .

Now I am going to tell you how to become a hacker in 15 minutes for this you will have to learn some basic programming language like java, html, python, c++ etc because whenever you design any page it is very important for you to know html without HTML you will not be able to design after learning all these languages, you will have to install some tools in your system. First of all if you want to become a hacker, then for this you should install Kali Linux in your system and also install some hacking software like Nmap, Metasploit, Aircrack-NG etc. Can keep the system secure and avoid the attacks of hackers.

I hope you have understood how to become a hacker within 15 minutes. I have given you complete information in very few words, you can become an ethical hacker by following the method given by me.

Final words

In today’s article, I have told you how to become a hacker in 15 minutes and what you have to do to become a hacker. If you have any question, then you ask any question related to this in the comment below and if you like my post, then share it as much as possible.

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